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EWC4U (Grade 12 Writer's Craft) Discussions

A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
Hey grade 12's! Can you guys name some assignments you're currently doing in this class?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I'm on poetry... Mentor assignment, poetry assignment, poetry CPT... Lots of projects :ncool:
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A photo of emilyclairem emilyclairem
We've done: autobiography, short fiction story, script, editorial; now we're doing: children's story and instructional writing.

It's a good class, not too challenging, just a lot of writing! It all depends on how good of a writer you are, I mean, there's not too much room for improvement, at least in my class. He doesn't actually teach us how to write.... just lets us do it, you know? My favourite assignment was either the autobiography or the short fiction story... editorial not so much.
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A photo of ListenToYourHeart ListenToYourHeart
so far we've only really done 2 major assignments and a bunch of smaller ones. the two major ones were a memoir and a short story. some of the other smaller assignments we've had were analyzing a picture and recreating the story and analyzing a short story.
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A photo of Chickadee Chickadee
You guys are all so lucky! I want to take Writer's Craft next year so badly, but it hasnt been run in about 10 years because no one signs up for it :( I love enlgish so much and wish other high school students did too!!
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