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I'm not too sure where to post this...

Anyhow, I'll be taking a year off when I graduate (I'm in my last year of HS). I'm looking for exchange programs, but I can't seem to find any that are available for teens that are not enrolled in a high school or university program.

My preference would be to go to France as I speak french fluently. My second choice would be India as I can speak Hindi as well. Otherwise, I'd like to go anywhere in Europe, really. I'm looking for something that would not only be enjoyable, but that would look good enough to put on my resume for Trin (maybe volunteering or an internship in Gov't).

Does anyone know of any programs?

Thank you!
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A photo of kdelarosa kdelarosa
You should look into going on a Rotary Exchange-- there's no fee, just your flight, and you go for a school for a year and live with a family in your host country--- definitely a great setting to learn a language!
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A photo of jllama jllama
I'm (hopefully) going on a high school exchange to the UK next year with a company called Shecana. They are a Canadian company that operates out of BC and I've been really happy with the quality of service and information I've gotten. I'm pretty sure that they have programs specifically for a gap year, which means no school whatsoever. You can check the website www.shecana.ca for better info but I would try directly contacting them because I think some of the online information is outdated...
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A photo of lemony lemony
If you're going to go on an exchange, go somewhere that you don't speak the language. It will be an excellent opportunity to pick up another language (which I guarantee you will) and will be a much more impressive accomplishment. You will also probably find yourself growing and maturing in ways you cannot imagine. Good luck.
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