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Explore / J'explore program summer 2011

A photo of sothorn sothorn
I know the statuses have been updated already for the Explore program and it states which institution will contact you.
My question is has ANYONE been contacted directly by their institution yet?
And who is going where if you have gotten the bursary:)

Anyone going to Saint-Jean, La Pocatière!?:)
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A photo of sabby597 sabby597
I am! i have a friend who got in there too, and we haven't gotten any email yet either...i emailed them today though to ask when we'll be hearing back so i'll keep you posted :)...btw there are other threads for explore already, the most popular explore2011 under socialsciences,humanities... and i made a thread for la pocatiere under realworld!
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A photo of sothorn sothorn
ya i saw the big one explore 2011!
and sweeet I can't wait to be contacted by them directly so I know for sure!
how old are you btw?
I heard that last year there were people in their 20's too
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