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Explore program 2012

A photo of rapolito rapolito
Has anyone else applied for it? Also, if you've done it before, how was it? Have any advice? If you don't know what it is, here is a link to the site.
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A photo of feu feu
I did the program in 2011 in Trois-Rivieres and it was honestly amazing. I had never lived in a French-speaking space, nor had I ever been away from home for a month. You may miss home the first few days, but you'll meet really cool people there and you will think about home less often :P Plus you get to practice your French! It's scary at first, having to express yourself in a language that you aren't totally fluent in, but it's comforting to know that pretty much everyone else is in the same boat as you. Being exposed to the language helps you learn it a lot better than sitting in French class for 75 minutes a day (where you probably speak English most of the time anyways). Plus you get to go on really cool trips on the weekeends so it's not like you're sitting in class learning French the entire month (I went ziplining, kayaking, bowling, camping, and so many other places :D)

So applying for Explore was definitely a good choice! I hope you get in :D Which places did you select on your application?
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A photo of Beatlelover909 Beatlelover909
I did the program in 2011 in Trois-Rivieres too! Which level were you in feu?

As for me rapolito, I enjoyed the program but got homesick often. In the end, I made a cool bunch of friends and now my French is ten times better. Trois-Rivieres is by far the strictest program too but your French will improve. Also it has by far the most activities. If you need alone time, I recommend going elsewhere. If you want to party, from what I've heard, Jonquiere is the place to be.

Also, the male to female ratio is about 2:7 no matter where you go. So keep that in mind whether it works out or doesn't work out in your favour. Also, it might not be a bad idea to apply with a friend or two. I went by myself and noticed that people with friends adjusted faster. Although sometimes friends will not be both accepted at all or at the same place. However, you will definitely make friends either way.

I hope that helps! If you need any other advice about Explore, don't be shy to ask!
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A photo of rapolito rapolito
I applied to the Alberta one first, its in quebec, and then gaspé
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A photo of Beatlelover909 Beatlelover909
I don't know anything about the Albertan school in Quebec. If I remember correctly, the Gaspé French Immersion course is the outdoorsy one. I heard that it was a lot of fun.
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