yconic - EXTREMELY URGENT HELP! UofTrin (PoliSci) vs. Arts and Business (Waterloo)
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EXTREMELY URGENT HELP! UofTrin (PoliSci) vs. Arts and Business (Waterloo)

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Hey everyone,

Ummm.. I can't decide. People are continually telling me different things. here's the deal:

I wanna go to law school. I need a high GPA, good LSAT's, etc.

Waterloo Arts and Business Co-op offers the high marks, a job, and an unremarkable arts program.

University of Toronto Trinity College offers harder marks, a better experience, more extracurricular activities.

Dilemma: How big of a difference does Trinity College make? How much are their benefits (ie. alumni connections, academic dons, mentorship programs)beneficial?

Is undergraduate education even looked at after law school?

I have less than a day to decide (residence info for Waterloo, etc.) so I NEED INPUT NOW!! Preferably, Trinity students will pitch in and talk about real benefits from the Trinity experience.
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Some things to think about:

Does co-op guarantee you a job placement? If not, I would be more careful about thinking that just being in a co-op program will you get a (good) job.

Your undergrad transcript will matter less and less the more degrees you acquire after it.

Please don't pick U of T just because of "the Trin experience". You should look at the school as a whole and see if it'll give you what you want. I believe you can get good grades and leads to career opportunities at either university with the right attitude, work ethic, and preparation.

If you have specific questions about Trin, feel free to PM me if you want. I'm an alumnus.
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Ya, thanks for the responses. Yep, co-op does offer a job placement depending on if you fulfill the grade requirements. A good job...well, i don't know about that.

If an undergraduate degree does not matter that much, then of course, I would go for the easier option. But if anyone from Arts and Biz Waterloo or someone who knows more about it, or someone who knows about Trinity want to respond, I'm all ears.
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Arts & Bus at Waterloo isn't a great program. I honestly feel like Waterloo just wanted to jump on the bandwagon somehow and bring business into the school to draw in more students. It's not a developed business program. I was accepted to it with co-op in my first year.

You are NOT guaranteed a co-op job, although most of the people I know got one.

The courses aren't really business courses. They're regular subjects in other areas of interest with Business slapped into the title, and sometimes with an instructor who will talk about his business experiences. Overall, not a great choice.
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