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Facebook "Like" to Unlock Contest - CLOSED

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Hey Everyone!

Our new Facebook contest, "Like" to Unlock, is live!

Help us reach our goal of 50K+ fans (facebook/studentawards + facebook/boursetudes combined) by December 21, 2011 and we’ll give you money along the way; every time we hit a target, we’ll add a prize! At the end of the contest, the total number of fans we have will decide how many prizes we give away:

30,000 – 34,999 – 1 prize of $250
35,000 – 39,999 – 2 prizes of $250
40,000 – 44,999 – 3 prizes of $250
45,000 – 49,999 – 4 prizes of $250
50,000+ - 4 prizes of $250.00 and 1 grand prize of $1000

Get us to 50K and we’ll give away 5 prizes totalling $2000!

Check it out on our Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/studentawards.
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