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Failed a Course and Need to Improve Another... (UWO Biomed)

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I just got my marks back, and they are not the greatest to say the least...
I failed my calculus course with a 47, and I only got a 58 in biology 1001A.

I need a 60% in both of these to even consider staying in biomed. I just need to know what my options are from now on. For calculus, I was thinking of taking it again next semester since my schedule allows for it. However, it is calculus 1000B and I don't know if I can take it since I did not take high school calculus, and the calculus I took first semester was 1100A

Basically, if someone can tell me what I can do from here on out, it would be great.
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Did you go to tutorials, office hours, exam reviews etc? If you didn't, start going. If you did and that still didn't help, review your study habits, maybe they just aren't working for you or you're not studying hard/early enough. And if you still can't figure out what went wrong, get a tutor.
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A photo of paramecium paramecium
If you can't stay in Biomed, do you have to go into just plain Science?
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A photo of BIGBANG23 BIGBANG23
Hey i'm a first year in the biomed too, I didn't take calc (thank god!) but bio sure didn't do any favors for my GPA either. I'm not sure why you would like to take calculus in the first place, unless you want to go into medical biophysics, calculus isn't even a requirement! and I personally wouldn't advise going into calculus without a background in it, and considering how you did in it, you might want to try something new. Some other options you might want to consider are:
- linear algebra 1229A (which is what I took), and it was my gpa booster, you are garunteed a 90% if you do your homework. Also, try to get professor Vicky Olds
BAD NEWS: since everyone did so great in it, it's filled up... so you might not get in, sorry
- But, I also heard stats were good, and a few friends i know who took it, got high 80's to 90's, so you could try that (this requires no previous math background)
Other than that, i'm quite sure that the 60% is a combination of the math course you take this and last semester (this applies to your other courses). I can't garuntee this, so you might want to talk to a guidance counselor. Also, since you're in biomed, they sent an email saying that they have counselors through whom you can discuss your options, and they're open throughout frost week, so check that out for sure.

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I was talking to the academic counsellor, and realistically, to stay in BMSc (biomed ends after first year, it's just the stream you choose when you apply. It's Basic Medical sciences after that. The counsellor really corrected me on that haha) after first year, your average needs to be at least a 78%, but more like an 83-85% depending on which module you want to take.

If calc wasn't your thing, don't take it next semester. If you failed it, you'll probably need to take a summer course too to keep up the number of credits you need, and I'd reccommend either linear algebra or stats. The introductory linear algebra that is, not the normal one. My roommate took the normal one and nearly failed it, said it was absolutely brutal.

As for bio, it was my lowest mark too. ugh, getting only 2 hours of sleep before that final was NOT a good plan.... my first mark in the 70s :\ I'm just going to work way harder in that course next semester, do those self assessments with a group of people and aim for a 12 on each one, and possibly try to form a study group to see if I can get a better grasp on the bio stuff, understand it better, and be able to see everything through Haffie's eyes (as if that'll ever happen....) I'd say try doing the same thing, and hope and pray for the best haha. If you're interested in making a study group, just message me, I'm trying to rally as many people as possible!
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A photo of Gorges26 Gorges26
I agree with not taking calc again if it wasn't your thing. But if you just didn't do enough homework, didn't attend lectures etc, then if you changed your approach/attitude and took it again, you should be fine. Calc 1100/1000 isn't supposed to be overly challenging (at least not as much as Calc 1301/1501 is) so long as you just systematically do the assigned problems and clear up any problems when they arise.

Although I can understand why it may be extra difficult if you haven't taken calc in high school.
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