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Failing a non top6 course?

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They'll only look at your top 6.
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They'll only look at your top 6.
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@Jagxyz wrote
Just wondering, if I were to fail a non top 6 course, that isn't needed for my program, will that negatively affect my chances at getting into uni?

I have high 80s in my other courses, it's just one course that I just don't get. I tried to drop it, but I was told that they didn't want to set a precedent.

I've taken 8 courses every year, so I'll still have 29/28 credits at the end of the year.


Shouldn't 8 courses every year should get you 32 credits? I don't know what province you're from, but if you're in Ontario, you won't graduate with fewer than 30. And as for the course you're failing, it won't hurt your admission average.
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