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Hey guys, first time posting!

I have some questions that are really vaguely answered on the internet - so I wanted to find out how these circumstances are really treated for UofT Undergraduate Admissions:

1) Repeated Courses
I hear they average it, take off a percent from your overall average or don't count it at all. What is it that they really do? (Assuming the reason for repeating a course is a failed attempt [>50%] at a course.)

2) Private School Marks
This one I'm not sure about. I hear that they accept Private school marks, but might take off a few percent and additionally they don't consider you for scholarships.

So, I just wanted to see how UofT treats these. Also, I applied for Computer Science - if that makes any difference in how these are factored into your admission average.

Thanks Again
- iLoveUT
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