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Far away

A photo of Valentina Valentina
[size=6]Hi...I'm from a faraway country... actually...I'm in latin america (venezuela) but I want to try out as many opportunities as I could, because local money cannot be compare with dollars, and the quality of education in my country is getting worse. So my intentions are to gain a little (or bigger) amount of money through the scholarships offered and evaluate the posibility of going to Canada and study there.

I wanted to know if I can participate even being out of the territory and the money (in case I recieve something) can be suitable to me, or lets say...usable if I go to Canada or anything for studying... it would be a dream came true ... so, what can i do?...

I'll really appreciate any answer or suggestion/advice you guys can give me...

P.S.: sorry for any grammatical mistake.[/size]
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A photo of experiencer experiencer
Hi Valentina,

I completely understand your situation. Going to university while living at home is already a financial hardship for me, nevertheless to say leaving home to study and experience a new place!

I would suggest that you ask your school teachers and counsellors for help.
The scholarships I am matched with mostly are for Canadian students. But see if you can set your profile to non-Canadian (I'm not sure). Some universities offer scholarships to International Students too. For example, UBC here http://www.students.ubc.ca/finance/types-of-financial-support/scholarships-awards/.

Good luck!
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A photo of Valentina Valentina
thank you very much experiencer...im gonna check out that web-site ;)
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