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Feedback on Uni of Guleph-Humber and UOIT

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Just wanted some feedback about the school,programs,profs and learning experience for both those schools particularly the arts programs.Thanks
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I am currently a Forensic Psychology Student at UOIT! UOIT is, in my opinion, a wonderful school. The faculty of social sciences and humanities is located on the downtown Oshawa campus. The campus is made up of several historical building that have been modernized for university use. We can also take certain classes at the North Campus which is equally as wonderful!

The professors are really great! They are always available to help with work or to answer questions. All of them really know their stuff and will be happy to share cool information and stories with students. Also, because UOIT is a small/medium university, there are many opportunities for undergraduates to do research and other things that typically only grad students would get to do.

If you have any more questions or want more information about UOIT feel free to send me a message!

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A photo of Abe Abe
That's awesome,i applied to Forensic Psychology too.How is residences at UOIT,is it expensive?

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