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feeling very lost~~~

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I've recently withdrew from SFU due to a very low GPA. I don't want to give up my post secondary education, and am thinking about going to Langara for a couple of months. I am planning to transfer from Langara to UBC arts afterwards. Has anybody been in the same situation as me? I don't know what to do yet, and I can't really talk to my parents about it. I am meeting with an advisor in the next few days, perhaps I can ask him about it. But I really hope someone can advise what I should do next. I won't be able to head back to school until next January; so I'll be taking some time to reflect on my past school years. Will it be hard to transfer to UBC arts from Langara? I know university life is not for everyone, but I'm determined to do better after I think about my goals for the future. Is it hard to transfer to UBC from Langara?, I don't plan to return to SFU...
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I sympathize with you, but I think you'll be hard put to find someone in your exact same position here. Apart from talking to the academic advisor, you can perhaps go to or phone UBC and ask them the details of their requirements for transfer admissions, and what they can advise you in your particular case.
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