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A photo of Ovechkinverynice Ovechkinverynice
I was wondering which Film School doesn't require for a portfolio to be submitted, and I'm more interested in the production of film rather than the studies of cinema and all that crap.

Suggestions would be appreciated.
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A photo of LaPetiteTanya LaPetiteTanya
Whether you want to study the history or not, the fact of the matter is it's vital to your topic. It will most definitely be an elective or even a main class in your program. As for porfolios, as far as I know most media and art programs require one. They want to see just how dedicated you are and what you've got. Good luck
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A photo of TheHolyThief TheHolyThief
I am a film production student and you will be hardpressed to find a school that does not require a portfolio of some sort. Though I am not a cinephile, I must say that the study of film is as vital as the production of it. In order to break the rules, you must learn them. And who could say no to classes where the 4 hour lecture consists of a 2 hour film? :)
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A photo of magpie magpie
I agree with both the previous responses - my brother is currently working as a sound editor (his dream job), full-time at one studio and freelancing with another. He's a big cinephile and did his BA at UofT for Cinema Studies, then went on to do the post-production program at Humber.
I don't think you'd necessarily need to go the route he did with a degree + diploma, but remember, you get out of it what you put in - he got some really good intern opportunities while at Humber and was working full-time as soon as he graduated. His background in Cinema Studies has gone a long way to help him get to where he is, and his expertise has ignited somewhat of a bidding war between the 2 studios he works for. I would think that the more reputable studios out there are going to be more interested in hiring people with interest or at least knowledge in the studies and "all that crap". TheHolyThief said it perfectly, "in order to break the rules, you must learn them".

As a mature student returning to school fulltime in Sept, I believe that if you're going to commit yourself to 3+ years at either college or university, you might as well get the most out of it! You won't regret knowing you did everything you could to build a great career, but you may regret taking the path of least resistance.
Regardless of what you decide, good luck :)
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