yconic - Final Decision: Western Huron BMOS(no Ivey) vs Carleton BCOMM
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Final Decision: Western Huron BMOS(no Ivey) vs Carleton BCOMM

A photo of marvin1992 marvin1992
I want to pursue a career in finance and i was wondering which is the better school in terms of

teaching quality
how the campus looks like

Its a tough decision and I got to make it soon
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A photo of jessie191 jessie191
I can only comment subjectively from my impressions. In my humble opinion Western is a better school overall. I'm not sure about teaching quality since I've never attended either school, but Western has a way better rep than Carleton. You can definitely find an internship there through BMOS, which I think can provide a much better experience than co-op, which Carleton offers. I've visited Western and was taken away by the beauty of the campus. It's nice and clean. From the brochures, Carleton's campus is much newer and modern looking, it's ugly. But that's just my opinion.
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