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Final vs Midterm

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I want to get into Western for Business Admin. My average is 85.5, so I'm within their admission range

Only problem is that my Advanced Fuctions mark is low (66%), and I figure by the end of first semester it will be at 75%. So I have two questions:

Will they look at the functions mark specifically when deciding on acceptance (It's a prerequisite)?

Also, I plan on taking functions again next semester, and I know that Western will take your repeat mark over your initial. But I don't know if they do this for mid-terms

If I take the course again the very next semester, will they take my second semester mid-term over my first semester final?

This is getting me pretty damn nervous...

Thanks in advance for any answers or help


I emailed the admissions department regarding this issue, and I received the following reply:

...When a student repeats a course, we simply take the higher of the two grades. Our last offer round is based on the marks available at the end of April. If you had a midterm that was higher in April then this would replace your previously obtained final mark.

I hope that helps anyone with a similar question
So I'm definitely happy, I'll work my mark up to a 90 next semester and hopefully get into Western.
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A photo of Katarina101 Katarina101
They will look at your final mark anyway in June, all offers are conditional, but yeah just to be safe make sure your mid term mark is high
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A photo of Mas40 Mas40
I don't think that any university will look at your midterms for your first semester. They will look at your final first semester and your midterms second semester.
Also, if advanced functions is a prerequisite for your program, then they will consider it, for sure...Good luck:)
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A photo of nehalkazim nehalkazim
They will definitely look at the Advanced Functions mark.

Not sure if your mark for Advanced Functions in second semester will be the mark they see.
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
I think you should call or email the university admissions department. They would be able to give you the information your looking for. As far as i know, only UFT are concerned with repeated courses. Maybe, you should send them a separate letter for why your repeating AF. I know Schulich wants a letter and a reason for repeating it. I myself am considering to repeat AF. Anyhow, Good Luck (:
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Follow up: I emailed the admissions department a few days ago and I got the reply email today. I've added the reply to the original post
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A photo of nehalkazim nehalkazim
That's great news! All the best!
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