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Financial Need scholarships

A photo of username101 username101
Anyone know any scholarships for Financial needs?

Preferably without alot of work :P
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A photo of tkdfan tkdfan
"The federal government and provincial governments earmark funds each year to help Canadian students overcome financial need and attend the college or university of their choice. Bursaries are awards that do not have to be repaid by students. Bursaries are distributed by the government to needy students on the basis of academic excellence or demonstrated acts of remarkable citizenship."


Good Luck!
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A photo of JogaBonito JogaBonito
Your best bet is to look into the institution you are attending, as they typically have numerous bursaries available via application.
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A photo of KDM1985 KDM1985
You should definitely speak with the Financial Aid office at the school or schools you are looking into to ensure you don't miss out on any awards you may be eligible for.
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A photo of luigimario luigimario
definately, checking at your school's financial aid office is helpful. also apply for OSAP even if you don't think you'll get it. it they award you as little as 1 cent and you accept it, it demonstrates financial need and you are eligible for more scholarships.
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