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Finding Your Program on OSAP...

A photo of estatia estatia
Hey folks,

Is it just me or is it REALLY hard to find a program you want on OSAP? I typed in keywords for my program and 15 pages later (10 of which are graduate degrees I could care less about), I still haven't found anything that sounded anywhere close to the program I had been looking for (Biomed Sci @ Western).

If anyone know a better way to do this or have had similar problems with OSAP, PLEASE help! I'm giving up...

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A photo of joeylee18 joeylee18
I'm having the same problem with the same program... I tried A LOT of keywords (e.g. Medical, Biological, ESM, Biological Medical) but there's still a million pages. I'm still trying right now (I'm using the keyword Biological and Medical Sc - I can't type the whole thing 'cause there's not enough room). I'm on page 119 and I found the program "Science":

Start date: Sep 12/11
End date: Apr 28/12
Number of terms: 2
Total years in program: 4
Level of study: Bachelor's Degree
Total weeks of study: 33
Co-op program: No

Maybe it's that one...?
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A photo of estatia estatia
lol I'm so glad to hear that someone else has had the exact same problem as I did! I'm not sure if we are the same as bachelor of science though...hmm...maybe I'll just wait a couple more weeks and see if the program list gets updated...
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