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First Part-Time Job

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This summer I want to apply for a part-time job at my local library as a Library Page; yes, it sounds boring, but it seems easy. Anyway, I received an application for the job, and it asks if I will be attaching a resume to the application.

Now my question is, should I attach a resume?

Keep in mind that this would be my first job, therefore, I have never had any working experience.

I already have an idea of not handing one in since I would have nothing but volunteer experiences, and personal info on it, which are already filled out in sections of the library's application form. But anyway, I would just like to see what others would do.

So, what would YOU do?
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I would write a functional resume and attach it to your application. It can't hurt, and besides, you can use it as an opportunity to show the librarian or library technician that you have the skills--gained from your volunteer work--that they seek in a library page (e.g. attention to detail, customer service). Good luck.
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Yes :scratch: Every job application requires a resume...
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