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First year courses at UofT

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I've decided to go to the University of Toronto and I have a couple of questions that a lot of other people may be wondering as well.

1. How many courses should I take first year university? (Studies in Humanities)

2. How many credits do I need in total first year? (And how do I find out what courses give how many credits?)

3. I live in Vancouver so I'm not too sure of the system in Ontario, but how do the semesters work there? (Like here we have 2 semesters (One from September to January and the second from January to June)

4. I want to pursue Architectural Studies at my undergrad at UofT. I know I have to take ARC131H1 and ARC132H1. Do these go on at the same time or on different semesters?

I'm not 100% sure on this, but let's say I need to take 5 courses over the course of my first year there. Do I take those 2 architecture courses + 3 of my choice? Or is there any other limits or boundaries I don't know about?

Sorry if my post was a little bit too in depth, but im getting a little worried on course selection and if I have my first year set out or not.
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1. The recommended course load is 5.0 credits. They may consist of full-year or half-year courses.
2. If you want to graduate in four years, see above. Alternatively, you may take fewer credits during the school year and take summer school (up to 2.0 credits) to get 5.0 credits per year. Some first year students opt to take 4.0 credits during the school year and 1.0 credit during the summer. It is entirely up to you.
3. Fall term runs from September to December. Winter term runs from January to April. (Summer term runs from May to the end of July for full-year courses, and half of that, e.g. May to June and June to July if you're taking half-year courses.)
4. Check the timetable. It should say when the classes will be held.
5. Read the entry requirements for the architecture program. I believe there are two different streams you can go into, so read the course calendar carefully. Bear in mind that you can only major in architecture, so you will need to take an additional major or two minors to graduate.

For more specific questions, please contact your college registrar.
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