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Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice on my first year course selections. I'm thinking I want to go into political science but at the same time I don't really keep up with politics and never participated in the UN thing in high school or student council or anything like that, the careers just looked good, I have interest in some of the key issues in politics (though I've never looked into many), and the courses looked enjoyable, though philosophy did too. I satisfied the requirements for first year but I also tried to take a variety of courses.

Term One:
Academic Reading and Writing
Beginner's German (P1)
Philosophy - Moral Problems in Contemporary Society
The Worlds of Politics

Term Two:
Introduction to Business Decision Making
Beginner's German (P2)
Grammar in Society
Canadian Politics
Public Speaking
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Take what you're interested in. Since you haven't participated in the UN thing (SOMA) and don't keep up with politics, how can you be sure that you're interested in careers in politics? You should become more acquainted with how politics work, so you can make an educated decision on whether or not to pursue a career in it.

Just make sure you're taking a full course load and you should be fine. Looking at your first term, aren't you supposed to be taking 5 courses? Make sure your first term course load is full.
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Political science is a broad field which shares a lot of overlap with other disciplines. Keep in mind that many careers in politics require graduate and/or law degrees. I suggest you take the politics course and see if it's something you'd enjoy learning more about in your upper years. You may find that you are only drawn to certain aspects of the course -- aspects which may be the focus of another, more specific field, such as economics, international development, etc. Then you will a get a better sense of what to major in.
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A photo of manna manna
Thank you!

Everyone has been saying to take four courses each term your first year to adjust to the new load and lifestyle. I took five the second term because I don't think a three hour class once a week will be that difficult to cope with. I believe it is three courses that makes you a part time student.
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