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First year French?

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I'm going to UBC, and I've taken French 12, so I'm not allowed to receive credits for Beginner's French or Intermediate French. I'm wondering, will I struggle if I take Contemporary French Language and Literature? I really enjoy French but I don't want to take that course if I'm not going to do well. I took French 12 in grade 11 so I'm afraid I've forgotten a lot of it and won't be at the same level as others in the class.
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Hey there,

As long as you watch french TV and try to talk as much as possible...you'll be able to do well at uni. Also, the only way one improves and remembers a language is by engaging in it...so speak and listen to frech as much as possible...don't memorize...because you will forget what you've learnt for sure.

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Try looking around on the university website for a French placement test. Most universities have them, and it should give you a sort of general idea of where you are and what courses you should take.
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A photo of Courtney33 Courtney33
I was in a similar situation. I go to UOttawa and I took core French in Highschool but we didn't have immersion. I started immersion in University and found it really difficult but as long as you stick it out, you'll pick up the language quickly. Don't lose all the hard work you put into learning as much French as you already have!
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