yconic - First year nursing student @ York/Georgian...ask me anything!
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First year nursing student @ York/Georgian...ask me anything!

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Hi everybody, I've been reading these forums for a while but just decided to join recently. I am in my first year nursing at York/Georgian. I was like all of you last year nervous about getting in. I actually applied to many different schools just to be safe (all 3 at Ryerson, both at Western, both at York, Trent, Brock and McMaster). I remember when I received my first acceptance (which wasn't until after midterms). I was so excited (and relieved). I ended up being accepted to all of my programs except McMaster. I flipped around a lot as to which school to pick. If I had been accepted earlier I would most likely have chosen Western. But I ended up picking York at Georgian mostly because it was close to home. I think I would have been happy any where I went, but this way it saved me money because I could live at home. Plus it helped not having the added distractions of dorm life. There is a LOT of work to do, and very little sleep. It has been a stressful first year, but I LOVE it! First term was tough, out of the 150 in the program, 39 didn't pass to second term. Second term we started clinicals and it makes all the hard work worth it. At my school we do half the term in maternity (loved that) and now we just started geriatrics (loving that too).

Sorry for the long post, but feel free to ask me whatever you like!
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