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First Year "killer chem"

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Hey everyone,

I'm in grade 11, hoping to get accepted to a concurrent program next year! U of T is my top priority. Recently, I've been very interested in grade 11 Chemistry. I've maintained an 85%, but I know I need to aim for a 90% in grade 12.

My questions are:
1. Is first year chemistry as hard as they say it is? Especially at U of T? My chemistry teacher told me people call it "Killer Chem". I do try hard, so with my mark, do you think it is reasonable that I can get through "killer chem" ?
2. Is York's Chemistry concurrent program good?

Thanks a lot !
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A photo of Jack555 Jack555
am not a science person but firstly u need to consider what you want to accomplish out of U of T

if you want to go to grad school like medicine im not sure going to Killer Chem at U of T is the best idea to get a high GPA...just something to keep in mind. :bounce:

now in terms of hard courses in uni.....i dont have chem but i did have stats where the class avg with my prof was 60.2% for the final exam (which was worth 50%), and these are all kids who had 91+ avg in highschool.

But no one that i knew that actually worked HARD got that bad...as low as the avg was, people who regularly did their homework still managed to finish with 90%s on that exam. A lot of people lost their work ethic and routine from highschool, which is not entirely their fault...as the transition into uni and the weird scheudles takes getting used to. Anyways as long as u REGULARLY do the work, u can do well in any course! cheers
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