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First year science vs. First year biomedical science at Western?

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I don't understand why there are two different programs to apply to frist year when I heard that which ever program you choose you are taking a general science. So what's the difference? If i were to take science, could i still specialize in the same area that i wanted to if i were to take biomedical science? I just don't understand why there are two first year programs. I want to apply today, but don't know which one to choose. Any tips?
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
One is a general course. The other is specific. You can go from one to the other. Apply to both.
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A photo of elliekay elliekay
I went to Western's open house so they explained everything to me...

Basically, in first year, biomed and regular science is THE SAME THING. Being accepted into biomed is just a label, and really holds no meaning, even though the cut-off average is higher. After first year, you can apply for the biomedical sciences program if you attain an average of 78 in first year. At this point, you still aren't guaranteed a stop in biomed, because you have to keep that average in 2nd year to continue into biomed in 3rd year. Once you're in biomed during 3rd year, then you are guaranteed the option of graduating with a BMSc. The specializations offered through the BMSc program are not available to regular science students.

edit: just apply to regular science because the cut-off is lower, and its the same thing.
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