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SA won't let me send private messages to someone who's a guest user, so I'm replying to your message here.

Your message was:

"Hi i was reading the forum on Ivey AEO chances and for whatever reason it won't let me post. You seem to be fairly knowledgeable on the subject so it looks like PMing is my only choice. I was wondering what you think of my own chances for AEO


-President Of School Athletic Council
-School Unicef Accountant
-Grade 11 Accounting Award
-Grade 10 won Sommerville award for top male athlete
-Downhill Ski Team, Regional champ in grade 10, 2nd in grade 11
-Cross country MVP grades 9-12 (Ofsaa qualifier as an individual in grade 9 and 10)
-Soccer Team grade 10 and 12
-Track and field Central Ontario qualifier
-Member of York U Track and Field Club 2007-2011 (competed provincially and trained 5 days a week)
-Level 1 ski instructor (CSIA) and level 2 (development level) race coach (CSCF)
-Swim and lifesaving instructor
-110 community service hours
-Leisure buddy in summer of grade 10 (paired up with a mentally challenged child at a day camp to help them get the best experience possible)
-Past 2 winters I have been a ski coach at a private resort up in collingwood
-Ski raced provincially from age 13-15, lower level my entire life up until then

Just wanted some input, ivey is my top choice by a mile. I'm really good at writing essays so I'm confident that they will be good. If it means anything, I'm hoping to do either kinesiology or BMOS for my first 2 years."


You have a competitive average so you should look to maintain (or possibly raise?) that average in order to obtain AEO.

Your extracurriculars are very good as it shows variety in your activities as well as commitment.

All that's left are your essays, and if you are confident in them (and if they truly are good) then you should be able to get AEO status.

Best of luck! I hope you were able to see this message and it wasn't in vain....
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