yconic - For those who want to become teachers, what would your methods of teaching be?
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For those who want to become teachers, what would your methods of teaching be?

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I want to be a high school teacher. People are telling me that being a high school teacher maybe hard because I'm dealing with teenagers, who may or may not be disciplined. As a teenager in high school, I know how teenagers act and think. I have dealt with many teachers from my school who I believe either don't know how to teach or they just don't care about us students. By witnessing these types of teachers, I feel like I want to change this. I want to become a teacher for the right reasons. I decided that I wanted to be a high school teacher because I love socializing with others. Another reason is that I enjoyed having this one teacher who I believe is the best teacher ever. She is understanding, open-minded, talkive, free spirited, outgoing, very smart, and many more. She was different from other teachers. She was the teacher who allowed more then one student to leave the classroom. There was a time where at least 5 students were all out at once and she didn't mind. As long as we returned to class and completed our classwork. She knew that as students, it sucked to sit in our seats all period which is the reason she didn't mind letting us out of class. She allowed us to get up and even take a walk and then come back to class. She was a teacher who also didn't approve of homework because it took up time at home, that could have been spent with family or workinng on other stuff. In order to make sure we didn't have homework, she gave us class time in order to finish any work or assignments so we wouldn't have to do it at home. She was also a teacher who was very approchable, whenever I had a problem or didn't understand something, it was so easy to talk to her. She didn't judge people or favour anyone, she treated everyone the same. Even though she was sucha great teacher, she knew that not everyone was perfect. So she asked us for our thoughts and opinions of her class and how she taught. If we had any concerns or comments, she was willing to listen and consider them so that she could get better. The way she taught my class is the way I want to teach high school students in the future. I may not be the same and I might not be just as good but I believe that no matter what, the students' eduation and opinions mattered. I want to help them become great adults and learn right from wrong. Nobody is perfect but this is the way I plan to teach as a teacher.
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It would take a year to answer your question (teaching methods).
As a teacher, I can tell you that it's great you found a role model for your future career. However, there are certain things you should know. The way you are describing your teacher tells me that she could improve as professional. If the level of engagement in her classes were higher, you as a student would not need to get out of the classroom.
If you want to be a teacher the first thing you should know is that the best teachers are those who, despite of the subject or how hard the material is, are able to keep the students engaged cognitively, emotionally, socially and PHYSICALLY.If this happens, the student does not feel the need to leave the classroom (not even to go to the washroom because you don't want to miss a thing)

Once you start studying to become a teacher you will understand what I mean.

In addition, if you really want to be a teacher, I would recommend you to check your spelling.

I hope this helps.
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Yeah I agree with you. I guess I have to wait a year or so in order to figure it out. It's hard but I'm trying. I understand if I want to become a teacher, I must improve on my spelling. But thank you for your advice and your comment.
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Being a electronics teacher, I plan on helping students find what aspects of the course they enjoy and giving them the freedom to choose what projects they wish to do while providing them the background knowledge required to allow them to excel. The desired goal would be to lead the students to a possible career that'll suit their interests.
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the first part of the method would be to gain your students' respect.
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I want to be a high school history teacher. When i think of teaching social studies i always wanted to be kind of like indiana jones. You have to bring your own opinions to the table, talk about your own experiences. The worst thing i when a teacher doesn't really know what they are talking about so i would constantly be doing research on what i was teaching! I want my kids to enjoy my class so i would include games and movies and a lot of debates and group projects. I want people to enjoy history the way i do!
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I want to be a 10-12 high school teacher teaching university-level courses, because I don't want to put up with the whiney crap or attitude of younger kids that don't want to be there. I know my stuff and I'm there to teach it to everyone else. I am a pretty chill person but if there's someone there that is wasting my time and theirs i will have a problem with that. Otherwise i;m pretty laid back.
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I want to be a teacher, but considering the fact that I'm not a teacher yet and haven't really had the experience of teaching/ teacher's college, I know my ideas are going to change. What I'm about to say is based on my experience as a tutor, and more importantly, as a student.
I'm not sure what my teaching methods would be, but I would definitely keep the class interested. I think what plays a major factor in keeping students interested is a teacher's own passion for their subject and their love for teaching; their desire to pass on this passion to their students. I understand that not every student will love the subject I teach, but hopefully the students will at least be engaged in the course itself.
I would also understand that every student is different and try not to judge them, but rather, relate to them. I don't think there's a formula for helping students succeed: every student is an individual. Just because a student is not doing very well does not mean they do not work hard; just because a student is quiet does not mean he/she is anti-social and needs to be forced out of his/her shell- that can do much more harm than good. (I'm definitely going to take a few psych courses in university!)
Fairness is important too. I know it's hard for teachers not to pick favourites sometimes, but favouritism was a huge issue with some of the teachers I had and it was not a pleasant experience for anyone in the class.
I really empathize with people and I feel it is important to understand students. I know how it feels to be unable to approach a teacher because you feel that they won't understand; that they'll judge you. But this doesn't mean I'll be easy on my students. I have a feeling I will be that teacher who has high expectations for my students. There will definitely be homework. :D But I wouldn't expect my students to work harder than I do... :)
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