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A photo of ma7moud ma7moud
hey , i am an international student accepted in uwo Biological and medical science and my first year will start in 2011 september and i am totally lost and i do not have any idea what courses is given for first year bio/med student and how many electives should i choose i have 0.5 transfer credit for my calculus 1000A(1.00) and 1 transfer credit for my biology 1223 (1) so these means that i will not be able to take biology 1223 what is going to be my grade then and what should i take instead of it any one can help me pleasee . thank you
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A photo of mgatie mgatie
Okay I was in biomed first year and those were the courses i took:
1. Biology 1001A and 1002B
2. Chemistry 1100A and 1200B
3. Calculus 1000A and Math 1229 (You don't have to take the second calculus you can take Math which i recommend)
those top courses are your core courses and they add up to 3.0 credits
then yu need to take a physics
4. Physics 1301 and 1302 (This is NOT physics for life science)
5. Elective (I took food and nutrition but you can pick anything)
since you have transfer credits for 0.5 Calculus then I advice you to take the 1229 Math to obtain your 1.0 credit in Calc/Math and I would retake biology because the one you have is for Health Science but it's up to you :)
If you decide to transfer your biology credit then just pick up more electives like a language or psychology (a popular one) ;)

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A photo of Meridian Meridian

What was the food and nutrition elective(s) you took - was it at Brescia ?
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A photo of mgatie mgatie
It was a 3 hour lecture once a week at Brescia and to be honest with you its not hard but extremely boring :P
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