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Forestry Program U.B.C.

A photo of CorissaD CorissaD
What's the typical average that will get you into the forestry program at ubc? Is it really as easy as I've heard??

And for anyone in forestry - any program - how do you like it?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Forestry is a part of the Agricultural and Land faculty, if I'm not mistaken?
I also believe it's still considered a "science" of some sorts, but not as rigorous as the actual faculty of science..
so I'm going to estimate at leasttttt an 86% average.. if you have something in the 90's.. good to gooo.
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A photo of megans35 megans35

This is the information UBC provides about admissions averages; however, its a rough estimate at best.
I dont know what the exact grade needed for admissions last year was, although I know that it was significantly lower that the science average which ended up at a 90 (you need a higher grade for early admission)

A couple of people in my dorm were in forestry, and minus physics, we had the same schedules. I've heard good things about the program, especially at UBC.

Hope this helped=)
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