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Fountainhead Essay

A photo of lms lms
Has anyone heard back from them yet? The website lists that they will send out decisions by July 26,and that they will inform all participants, even if they didn't win, but so far I have heard nothing..
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A photo of cherrypie725 cherrypie725
I did the Anthem contest a few years ago and they said they would get back to us by July 26 or something like that. I didn't get anything in the mail or by email so I checked their website, saw that I wasn't one of the winners, finalists, or semi-finalists, and just forgot about it.

Then, around Christmas, I got a cheque in the mail and a letter saying I was a finalist. They seem kind of disorganized about getting back to people... I suspect especially international entries.
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A photo of lms lms
Thanks for your reply, Cherrypie725. Apparently they have posted their results for this year on the website already. Congrats for winning before!
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A photo of LaszloAlmasy LaszloAlmasy
How long did you spend on your essay? With the massive eligibility area, I'd imagine you'd have had to put in a wicked effort to write something that caught their eye.
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A photo of RheyDCD11 RheyDCD11
O-o is anyone cramming to do the upcoming atlas shrugged essay contest? it is one really long novel...
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