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A photo of moodeline moodeline
Is anyone in one? I'm just frankly curious after watching Greek:P
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A photo of beaubeau beaubeau
I remember glancing at the ones from U of T. They act like little middle school children on that Frat/sorority website, insulting each other and getting all angry over who's popular, hot, not hot, fit, blah blah. It seems a lot like high school bitch-outs. I don't know though, I'm not in one, nor will I attend their recruiting week (or maybe I will, if the people I meet will be awesome enough to crash the thing and make some stuff go wrong, ha).

Anyhow, it just looks like some elitist little clubhouse where people pay for friends. I mean, you're already spending quite an amount on university,, why waste more of it for something that may end up as disastrous and/or completely lame.

Or it can be the best part of your life, I don't know. Wouldn't hurt to try, if you're willing to pay up and put up. :|
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