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Friends in university

A photo of TH3U TH3U
Do you think the friends in university that you mostly hang around with...do you think they will be lifelong friends or just a one time thing?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I'm wondering about this kind of thing as well lol, like obviously in residence there is a strong chance that you'll make friends thus why if I go away for University I'll probably do a year of residence.
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A photo of mynameismattgotmlgo mynameismattgotmlgo
In second, third, and fourth year I kept in touch with only my closest friends from residence; the others were just acquaintances I would see around campus from time to time and would occasionally catch up with.

The roommates I lived with in second, third, and fourth year and a couple other friends will be life-long friends for me.
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A photo of ktel ktel
I've never really had "lifelong" friends so far. I know some people who are still friends with the people they knew in grade 2. I don't even remember who was in my grade 2 class. Most of my closest friends are either from university or rugby. It's tough to maintain a good friendship when you don't see each other very often, which is the case now that I've moved away. I know my boyfriend is more of a "lifelong" friend type and has a handful of very close friends that he lived with or spent a lot of time with at school.
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Lifelong for sure. My best friends at vet school and I have already talked about opening up a multi-vet clinic together lol.
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A photo of emma1330 emma1330
I've met some amazing friends in university, and although I'm only in my first year, I'm planning to live with three of my closest friends next year. Honestly, I thought I had good friends in high school, but when you get to university there are just so many great people who share the same interests etc. with you that you can't help but form lasting friendships. I don't think I'll be friends with everyone I've acquainted myself with, but that's how life works: you have good friends that fade in and out of your life, and it's not as if they fade out because you don't get along, you just both move on to the next phase of your lives. I only keep in touch with about three of my friends from high school, but I have a feeling I'll be keeping in touch with a lot more of the people I've met so far.
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