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Frustrated Beyond Belief

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I'm a second year college student taking a television program, I have maintained a 90% average, and have received a whopping $125 in scholarships. Total. I've applied for pretty much everything and I'm frustrated beyond belief.

The fact that I work my butt off for a 90% average and can't get any substantial amount of money is really stressing me out. I'm at the point where I'm about to just give up. What's the point of stressing myself out over assignments and putting in the extra effort to get that 90% if it's not going to pay off?

I was just wondering if anyone else is in the situation, and if they are what are they doing about it?

(To be entirely honest, I'm not sure that saying I'm frustrated and stressed out even comes remotely close to explaining how annoying this whole situation is. I'm practically on the verge of tears. What ever happened to scholarships that are based solely on grades? If I could find some of those, I'd be able to get a good amount of money to help me out, I'm sure.)
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