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Fulltime job and honor role

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Hello, :cheers:

So most people are unfamiliar with Ridgetown Colleges alternative vet tech course. Basically its a 3 semester per year course. The first 2 semesters are online (2 courses in fall and 3 in winter than 9 in summer (omg!). Anyway I am going to an interview at an animal clinic tomorrow for a full time position. I mean I only have two courses over the next few months then three. Do you think I can keep up with the work and the course load?

This is what was sent via e-mail from the administrator of the program.

"Furthermore, unlike other courses you may have taken before, you are responsible for still knowing this material in subsequent semesters, as the initial courses are A building blocks @ which are the foundation of your Veterinary Technology education. Also, while your workload may be too heavy to hold a job during the initial fall/winter session, we strongly urge students to find employment in a veterinary clinic for the subsequent two years. We have found students that continue working in the veterinary field have a much easier time remembering and utilizing the knowledge they have gained here."

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Yeah I think so, though you'll probably have to drop the job during the summer. If I was only taking 2 or 3 courses at a time I would definitely be working (especially if they're online courses)!
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I think you should take the opportunity to earn as much money as you can in the Fall and Winter because it will be nearly impossible to work with 9 classes in the summer. You should try to save up so you do not have to work at all in the Summer. At the beginning of my second year I worked 35 hours a week when I had 6 courses and that was difficult enough. I can not imagine working at all with 9. You also do not want to burn yourself out.

Also, do not underestimate online courses. They can actually be more difficult the in class courses because we have to motivate ourselves to do the work. I have only had general electives online to this point in my program but I know that it is really easy to push them aside for other things. If you set aside a specific time to do the work (the same way you have the time set aside if you had an actual class) it makes it easier to stay on top of the work.

Good luck with your program.

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