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A photo of RichYung RichYung
Just wanted some input on the campus and social life at Fanshawe? How did you find the school?

Also, does your program consist of the same group of students throughout the program?

Any advice/input is appreciated.

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A photo of kiddinaround kiddinaround
London is a good time. I hope you're 19.
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
"funshawe" isn't as fun as it sounds lol, not if you live on campus at least.
the campus is nice though, and it's nice that all the res buildings are apartment style (ie: you get your own bed room and bathroom - no sharing with 20 people). I lived in the new res building last year (just opened in 2009) and it was gorgeous, I always felt like I was in a hotel, the other two are still nicer than what you get at most schools though.

everyone in my program was always the same. we were just divided into sections and always had classes with that section... keep in mind though that it's a structured program and there is no working around electives. what program are you thinking?
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