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Future CS and SE jobs...?

A photo of Haru Haru
I was originally thinking of going for CS or SE, but I was convinced not to due to 2 reasons: constant updating of programming knowledge and possible outsourcing of jobs.

Can someone elaborate or verify these points? I got it from one source, and I just want to hear some of your opinions. Thanks a lot!
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A photo of noxx98 noxx98
There is constant learning in every profession. CS is not simply programming - it has to do with algorithms more then anything else.
The jobs being outsourced are simple IT jobs and things which can't be replaced by people who are undertrained over seas. Jobs in CS are growing faster then other industries - particularly in consulting.

Don't worry - the worries are over blown.
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A photo of arviny arviny
The outsourcing issue is to do with the low paying jobs which can be replaced easily and these are actually jobs people here wouldn't want to do. The more important jobs with higher salaries remain here for many reasons. Don't let that discourage you from IT, it's actually one of the fastest growing industries, if you decide not to join and you look at the future 15 years from now you will defiantly regret it. There's massive opportunity in this field, all you need is a computer and a great idea.

Secondly, CS isn't about programming. It focuses on algorithms and finding solutions to problems which don't even exist now. It doesn't involve sitting in a cubicle all day, I'd say it's a "people" job too since you'll be in group projects where you sit together and device solutions. Also there's literally endless limits to CS, it can be applied into any field. The near future will literally have CS incorporated left-right-and center.

Seriously though, it really comes down to what you like doing. If you don't like your career and what you're doing, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life. Do what gets you motivated and jobs should be fun :D not a drag!

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A photo of Haru Haru
^ Those are some solid points made. I love CS, just unsure of future prospects. Thanks for clearing that out for me.
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