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future transfer

A photo of Tryhard Tryhard
Hey guys was wondering If I just to to the university I got accepted to but didn't enjoy the program and want to transfer to a different one would i also be allowed to change my program if it doesn't interest me at all? Also mark expectation would be lower compared to highschool entered marks correct?
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A photo of Sheldore Sheldore
Yes, you can transfer to a different program within your current university or even switch to another university for the same program or another one. The thing is that money becomes an issue. This is why I encourage you kids to do your research, learn about your prospective schools and make educated choices as to where you want to study and be for the next 4 years of your academic life. The tricky part is switching to other schools, like from Waterloo to UTSG, etc. Switching from UTSG to UTM or UTSC and vice-versa are pretty easy because its considered an internal transfer and you basically just switch colleges. To switch to other schools I'm pretty sure you have to maintain a stellar GPA, unless your switching your programs entirely. I know tons of kids at UTSG that failed first-year engineering and applied for a transfer to schools like Mac and York and they got accepted, they did however have to write a letter explaining why their marks were so low. So If I were you I would really research the universities you have been accepted to and what their programs have to offer and choose wisely. Transferring is really annoying cause you normally fall behind in credits and don't get all your credits transferred so its not only time consuming but really expensive and costly money wise.
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