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I'm still in High School but I'm still looking into Universities for 2012. I want to attend the University of Toronto in St. George (studying social science, humanities & art courses) but I heard really bad reviews of the University. If you do recommend the University, what college should I go to?

By the way, I'm very social so I'm interested in joining clubs (LGBTQI) and such but I'm not the party type so I'm a little worried about being around the wrong type of people. Should I worry about that?

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A photo of Rourachnitchai Rourachnitchai
The University of Toronto is probably one of the two top universities in Canada. It has rigorous academic standards; however, if you are a dedicated student I have been told it is not impossible to score well in the arts. I will be attending Trinity College in September because it is small and academically-oriented. That said, there is a lot of tradition and many activities at Trinity that fascinate me. Ultimately you should investigate each college's website to get a feel for what they are offering; we don't know your personality, goals, or interests well enough. You need to figure out which college offers the right atmosphere for you on your own.
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A photo of littleroom littleroom
I recommend UofT. It is a fantastic university, but you have to be willing to work very hard (I can't speak to the Arts faculty, however, since I'm in the sciences). The choice of college shouldn't concern you that much, but if you have no idea, there are a lot of threads dealing with it (use the search function to find them).

There will be a clubs' fair during frosh week, so you can learn about the many clubs we have then. You should also go here to learn more about extra-curricular activities at UofT.

Don't be worried about not liking parties. A lot of people are like that here.
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A photo of kraken kraken
U of T is probably the least partyish school in the country... right up your alley!
Trin and Vic are the best colleges in general imo, and they also each have their own LGBTQ clubs :)
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A photo of haze haze
I attend uoft and im in first year and it is REALLY difficult. i know friends from each of the campuses and they all say the same thing.
-not a party school
-hard to achieve high grades
even if you get really high marks in highschool, that wont accurately determine what you could get at uni/uoft. be sure to work hard to achieve mediocre marks.
the worst things i find with this school is the grading system, they systematically must have a certain amount of students who fail the course or year in order to keep the "good" students and weed out the students who get by. so they purposely make exams to get that. you will most likely have less assignments than other friends from different universities so you will have to expect depending on your grades to come from your midterm and final exam marks alone which is realllly stressful. one exam determines practically if you fail a course or not and it's not cheap! i am taking a mixture of sciences and art/social sciences/humanities courses so im speaking from a view that you could take this advice from. i dont recommend undergrad from this school because its hard to get marks and if i cant get good grades, how will i get into graduate schools.
and overall i don't like my first year. i'm transferring to a different university and i recommend you visit the college to make the right decision.
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A photo of Rourachnitchai Rourachnitchai
I think you'll have a leg up on the bottom of the pot given your ability to casually utilize formal grammatical structures (as evidenced by capitalizing your proper nouns and so forth).
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
I got accepted to Social Sci @ Vic but I am also wondering whether U of T will be hard on me...
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