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Do i have to apply to universities if i am taking a year off?
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No. You only need to apply the year before you want to actually start.
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You can apply and defer your offers for a year or you can apply during your gap year as a 105 applicant.
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Can you please elaborate on what you mean by defer your offers and explain the 105 applicant.

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I won't say this is fully true for every program because I don't know, but I do know for certain programs you accept your offer but defer it for the year, meaning you can still take the year off and have your offer of admission fully intact. Again, I don't know how universal this is. 

Applying as a 105 applicant simply means you are applying as graduated, non-high school student. There is more information on the OUAC website. I believe you're ineligible for admission scholarships when you apply as a 105 applicant. 
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Bob is incorrect about scholarships. You are eligible for entrance scholarships at some (and I would guess most) universities provided you haven't attended a university program in the past.

OUAC 105 applications are NOT just about being a graduated HS student. 105 is used for anyone who is not in HS in Ontario (either because they are in HS elsewhere or they already graduated). This also only matters for Ontario universities.
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