yconic - Gah. Queen's QS? Is there a chance I'll get accepted?
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Gah. Queen's QS? Is there a chance I'll get accepted?

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Hey everyone, hope you all are doing fine and dandy.
Anyways, I applied for Queen's Science program and I am still waiting for a response. :(
My average is spot on 85% I believe (Calc mark is bringing it down), so I just wanted you all to give me an honest opinion on whether or not I will probably get accepted. I mean I seriously don't want to get my hopes up too high..
I almost had a heart attack when I logged onto the website and saw that I got an email saying that my "e-mail account will be removed on March 31, 2011, as university
records show [that I was] no longer a current student". But it turned out to be an error... ha...

And will Queen's really read your PSE?
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Unless Queen's changed their admissions, you applied for artsci right? not just science?

I think you should get in... There's a lot of people in artsci who got in with low 80's.

If you're above the cutoff for arts, they barely take your PSE into consideration IMO. As long as it's coherent English, it's fine.
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A photo of andrewk512 andrewk512
I wasn't aware Queen's had an art-sci application, just an arts one and a science one. And the science average required will of course be higher. You may run into difficulties in being accepted because your average is borderline. Your PSE will probably determine this. And yes, they do read your PSE as some higher level students with a poor PSE have been rejected before.
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There are seperate arts and science applications and yes they for sure read your PSE (and supplementary if you have one). I know someone who had a 93 who got rejected from Con-Ed. Therefore your PSE and Supp are very important and taken into account. Unless of course you have a 90 and are applying to general arts. Then you'll for sure get in. (Not actually guaranteeing it, but 99% and you have to submit something!)
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