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General Sci vs. Western

A photo of AlasDwight AlasDwight
hey quick question
i gathered as much info as I could, but just to make sure I am right
does anyone mind explaining the difference between Biomed and general sci at western
and how to transfer into biological or medical sciences if you start off with general sci

back up plans just in case.
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A photo of Jsonga Jsonga
First year science is the same for everyone. You have to apply Bio Med which starts in Year 2, then once more in Year 3. I believe you're guaranteed a spot in the program if you make it into Year 3. The general cutoff for the program is now 75% as opposed to the former 78%.

The main difference between BSc/BMSc is that in BMSc you're able to do an honors spec (in one of the given modules). If you're in BSc you can't do this, though you're still able to take "Bio Med" classes though I'm pretty sure your options are limited to the much less competitive modules.

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