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Geological Engineering!!!

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This is one of the few questions on geo engineering here =) Wish this field got a little more attention...

Anyhow, I am planning on going into engineering (or busines..haven't decided yet) If I do go into engineering, I plan on taking Geological Engineering in Waterloo or Queen's. I enjoy earth sciences and geography, and I don't mind having to travel a lot for my job. However, I am not too sure about the actual job opportunities available and how difficult the field is.

I've asked around, and I've got VERY different answers about geo engineering... some tell me that geophysicists and geo-engineers are always in demand (to assess building risks, mineral extraction, oil, etc.) while others tell me its such as niche field, it's impossible to get hired. Which perspective is true - what are the job opportunities available?

As well, how difficult is the geological engineering program? I'm not the strongest at physics (it doesn't come very naturally) but I am willing to work hard at maths and sciences (actually ended up getting a 98 in calc and adv func =D ) I know however, university is much much more difficult than high school, so just not too sure if I can maintain a high GPA and understand the courses as easily.

And one last question...is it better to go into Queen's or Waterloo for geological engineering? Waterloo has co-op (i believe 4 work terms) while Queen's has an internship at the end of 4th year. Waterloo is more well known for its engineering though..but much more competitive.

Any advice on these questions would be much appreciated! Thanks :)
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You should post this in the "Careers in: Engineering" forums section where an expert can answer your questions.

For now, I'm sure others can answer your questions.
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