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geological engineering

A photo of Andus Andus
Hi I'm in grade 12 and was thinking to applying to geological engineering. So, I was wondering if anyone can tell me about the course load and which university has the best geological engineering program. Thanks.
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A photo of zaidpass zaidpass
I got into the waterloo geological program and thats the only one that I know of in Ontario. (I have very little knowledge about this program )

It seemed interesting to me but a lot of people told me you will get jobs outside of cities :(

You should look into waterloo, their co-op will get you a lot of experience.

I think it will be really helpful to get hands on experience, and it seems pretty fun as well.

Look into it and and let me know how it goes :) , i was always curious about this field
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A photo of g93 g93
I only know of Waterloo's geological engineering program, but you can use einfo to search for others.

I have heard the workload is okay, no better/worse than the majority of engineering programs.

The co-op jobs are difficult to get. There's not too many places hiring geological engineers. Mechanical engineers are employable almost anywhere, same goes for electrical engineers, computer/software engineers are fine with all of the tech companies now, etc.... but geological engineers are kind of limited. I have heard some get less than enviable positions and many of the jobs are far away from the major centers in Ontario.
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