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Getting a MBA from the same school you got your undergraduate degree

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So right now i have applied to 4 schools, Ryerson, McMaster, Laurier, and UofT StGeorge. I am planning to get an MBA. I want to get my MBA at UofT because Toronto has one of the better MBA programs, and i wouldn't have to go away to get an MBA. But lets say i go to UofT get my undergraduate and then i try to get my MBA at UofT as well, would it be detrimental to me compared to if i went to Laurier, and got my masters at UofT. Also i heard UofT is competitive and since they bell curve, would it just make it more difficult in general to get into a MBA program?
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Work experience is the biggest thing they are looking for. Many people do not get their MBA right after undergrad. And many people who go and get their MBAs are for example engineers who are looking to get managerial positions. A high GPA will help, but work exp. is more important.
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although im not going for a MBA but an MFE (Master of Financial Economics) i can tell you that getting your undergrad from UofT, Laurier or guelph does not matter if you plan to get an MBA. One of the professors who is on board of directors told me they are only allowed to admit a certain amount from each school for fairness. Yes UofT is hard but it will prepare you for your graduate level courses sufficiently.

as for work experience yes it does help you in a situation where say 100 people apply with same GPA, but one of those have 5+ years at a firm, it makes you stand out. most people wait a few years and then do MBA, like what g93 said.
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