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Getting accepted in computer Science.

A photo of Madhoun94 Madhoun94
Hey there!

i haven't achieved a high grade in high school(Which i regret) and applied to computer science major in these university

-Carleton University
-University of Guelph
-University of Windsor
-Lakehead University
-Memorial University of Newfoundland
-Laurentian University
-Brock University

Overall 75% and didnt apply for co-op, jst applied to brock university, what are the chance i can get accepted? plz i need the answer... i posted the question abt hurs ago.. been worried for 3 days now : /

thx :)
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A photo of Kbs Kbs
I know someone that got accepted into Carleton's Computer Science program with a mid-70s Gr. 11 average. His Gr. 12 average at the time was similar, but his acceptance was based on Gr. 11 at the time because our marks still weren't sent in by OUAC. It's definitely one of the easier schools to get into for computer science.
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