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Getting into Ivey after accepting AEO status

A photo of speedy48 speedy48
Hey so like a couple the people on this site I got AEO status but I'm still considering some other schools before accepting(waiting on QC and wondering if I should go to Laurier BBA and then transfer).

I know that UWO has tremendous school spirit and is considered a 'party' school which is awesome, but I'm slightly concerned that I'll get distracted. I want to make it to Ivey in my 3rd year for sure and I'm planning on taking BMOS in my first two years at UWO.

My question is, do any of you know how hard the BMOS program is (in terms of getting and maintaining and 80%+ average)? I've heard that the program is designed to fail students lol but I'm sure that's just a rumour.
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A photo of Chara Chara
I'm pretty sure it's a fairly easy program, relatively speaking of course, to keep an 80% in.
People do fail out of AEO status, I think around 20% of AEOs don't make it to Ivey (not really sure with that number), but the ones that don't either partied too much or just didn't meet the extracurricular requirements for AEO, I doubt there are many students that were genuinely hardworking in their first two years that lost their AEO status because of marks.
If you're smart enough to get AEO status you're smart enough to keep 80 in BMOS, just don't get overconfident and start slacking.
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
I don't think you will be distracted by the parties if you know where to study and stuff. Let's be honest, all schools have parties...If you try hard, it won't be too difficult to maintain a 80%.
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A photo of Serendipity Serendipity
I've heard that it isn't that hard. Just don't party every night until 4 (which may be difficult in Saugeen-Maitland) and you'll be fine.
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A photo of speedy48 speedy48
haha truuee, thanks:)
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