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Getting into McMaster SoSci?

A photo of JAYB123 JAYB123
I noticed on their website it say the admission cut-offs are in the mid-70's. At the moment I have an 80 average (79.6 to be exact.) I would assume I have a fairly good chance of getting into this program. When you guys think I would hear back from them, now, or after the mid-terms go out? Thank you very much for answering. Mac is my number one choice, however I also applied to Laurier Economics. Would I have any chance getting into that program?
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A photo of AKGill AKGill
Probably after mid term. U will get in for sure. Mac is my first choice too for Social Sciences.
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A photo of xxJunxx xxJunxx
Anyone else still waiting for Mac Social Sci? I know a bunch of acceptance letters were sent out last week. Does that mean the people who didnt get an email are left in the dust?
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A photo of JAYB123 JAYB123
Hey guys, I got an acceptence letter last week! I went and saw the school too, looks unreal! Best of luck to you!
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A photo of KayS94 KayS94
I'm in the mid-80s right now. I applied for Mac SocSci in the first week of March and got an offer 2 weeks later.
Keep your average in the 80s and you should be fine :)
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