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Getting into waterloo need info

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I want to get into the bafm program at the u of waterloo, but I have no clue what marks I need to get in (i have gotten people telling me I need a78% and others saying I need a 95%) my first chioce is the bafm-pa but I would go into fm if nut accepted. Can someone give me a minimum average. Competitive average, and a garrentied average for both the pa and fm programs.
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Admission average for AFM-FM was 88 last year, and 92 for PA. You have a chance of getting in as long as you get the invitation to the AFMAA I think. There's no guaranteed average because doing terribly on your AFMAA will probably get you an automatic rejection.
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The minimum required average to get into AFM is low-mid 80s. This is the average needed to get an invite to the AFMAA. Anyone who writes the AFMAA qualifies for acceptance.

A competitive average is 90-94 or so for CA (WPA) and 87-91 for Business & Finance (WFM).

Anything 95+ for CA gives you an excellent chance, and is all but guaranteed for Business & Finance (no guarantees).

Two years ago, reportedly, the admission average for what was FM was 89 and what was PA was 92, and I'd estimate that those numbers are pretty close for my year as well.
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