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A photo of brittanyjung brittanyjung
I am a french immersion student and have applied to Glendon for psychology. Has anyone been accepted into Glendon yet? If so, what was your average. I am sitting at about a 75 right now if I take my top 6 marks and use that average. I am really worried I won't be accepted.. does anyone know how strict they are to their admission average? Or do I not have a chance of being accepted? :s

Thank you!
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A photo of tjozef tjozef
I was accepted at Glendon in Dec. with a ~93% average. Since you are floating around the cut-off zone, I would say you will probably have to wait until later in the year. My advice is to try very hard to pull up your second semester/current courses.

Good luck! :cheers:
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A photo of toniabrooks toniabrooks
I have a 89 average I have also applied late but I've been accepted.
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A photo of sabby597 sabby597
i only had an 83 average and got accepted in january...so i think that you should be fine :)
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A photo of mikhaylova13 mikhaylova13
i got accepted with an 81 in early march.. i didn't take french at all though
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A photo of hobbes hobbes
I've also been accepted and I have an 86 average and didn't take any french courses. I got early acceptance too
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A photo of maddex maddex
I got in with a 90.1 average.
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