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A photo of Vietcafan Vietcafan
I'm planning on taking International Studies at Glendon and East Asian Studies at Keele next year ( At York University). I was wondering if anyone has this type of schedule where they have to take classes at two different schools...how does it work?

and I know that I can't major/minor...I initially wanted to double major in International Studies and East Asian Studies but found out that I can only major one and take elective classes for the other course and it will count as an equivalent.

I hope this isn't a stupid question...Thank you in advance.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
If you have class at Keele you have to travel to that campus. Save yourself the trouble and just choose one campus.
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A photo of sabby597 sabby597
Hey i go to Glendon :) it's super easy to go between campuses...there's a free shuttle bus that runs monday to friday roughly once an hour, throughout most of the day. tons of people take classes at keele, and although i don't, i go there sometimes for the wider food variety ;)

a lot of my friends have classes there and there's certainly no problem with it, i'd even say the majority of students have at least one class at keele :)

and obviously vice-versa if you have most of your classes at keele and took a course or two at glendon :)

hope that helps you :)

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A photo of Vietcafan Vietcafan
thank you for your answer! that relieves a lot of stress for me :)
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