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Global Health vs. Health Studies @ York U

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I am a first-year student @ York and I was thinking of switching into either Global Health or Health studies. I really wanna become a health teacher, and as a back-up, maybe work in a hospital or clinic as administration. What would yall recommend?! Thank you so much! :)
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You realize that you need to go to teacher's college for a BEd to become a teacher in Canada, right? Also, you don't need a health-related degree to work as an admin in a hospital. There are people with gender studies degrees doing these jobs.
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You've set the bar really low for yourself. People go to college and work in hospitals and clinics in the administration department. It pays peanuts and doesn't have much potential in career and salary growth. You don't need a degree for these kinds of jobs. You certainly don't need a degree in health studies or management for these roles. 

The teaching market is also highly saturated, probably the worst in the country. I know teachers who graduated in 2014/2015 who are still looking for full time jobs. Laurier recently shut down their teacher's college as a result and so did U of T. 

You need to set your goals higher, and also research the future job prospects of the field you want to go into. 


U of T’s teachers’ college scraps bachelor program


We are wasting our young teaching talent


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